It’s time to think about home day spa body care, revitalise your complexion and soothE your body with nourishing natural skin products.

Alaya body


Do you know what’s in your body care products? Alaya body care contains no emulsifiers, no preservatives, no synthetics, no colours, no artificial fragrances – just mother nature!

We continue an alchemic tradition of carefully extracting the therapeutic qualities from the calendula and hemp flowers to produce nourishing oils and medicinal balms for skin and body care. 

Created from organic botanicals, our base gold+ calendula flower and hemp oils are prepared by hand at Mount Warning in the Tweed Valley Rainbow region of Northern NSW, Australia, bordering on the World Heritage listed ‘Wollumbin National Park’.


Contact details

Kate Tepana


0417 702 130


Alaya Body, P.O Box 237, Murwillumbah NSW 2484